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Debate prepares students to thrive in the 21st century. Debaters learn how to think critically - to unpack arguments, dissect research, and evaluate choices. They learn how to communicate - to explain complex concepts and articulate them to diverse audiences. And they learn how to engage in the world - to understand multiple perspectives and make an impact on the world. Research shows that debate can dramatically close the achievement gap in urban school districts - debaters are more likely to graduate from high school, meet college-readiness benchmarks and achieve greater cumulative grade point average than their peers.

The Tulsa Debate League is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit supporting students and teachers in Tulsa Public Schools. As an urban debate league, we are dedicated to expanding access to the activity to schools and students who have traditionally lacked access. We organize competitions, fund programs and summer camps, and provide professional development to teachers and coaches.

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90% of urban debaters
graduate on time.

86% of urban debaters
enroll in college.

Urban debaters are 80% more likely to graduate from college.

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