Another successful tournament at Union High School

January 23, 2016

The Union tournament was another big success for TDL. TDL debaters took first and second in 5A CX debate and swept the speaker awards. In addition, students won numerous awards in individual events. Congrats to all of our students from East Central and Central High School!


1st Place: Brian Cain & Koran McCrary (Central)

2nd Place: Earin Murrell & Johanna Avila Garcia (East Central)

1st Speaker: Brian Cain (Central)

2nd Speaker: Earin Murrell (East Central)

3rd Speaker: Johanna Avila Garcia (East Central)

Championship Poetry

1st Place: Rayleigh Pulliam (East Central)

5A Poetry

2nd Place: Dy'mond Smith (East Central)

5A Monologue

1st Place: Earin Murrell (East Central)

5A Prose

2nd Place: Kylee McPhail (East Central)

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