Cole Murdock Memorial Fund

January 27, 2015

In his short life, Cole Murdock made more of an impact on those around him than most will make in long and full lives. Despite having been an incredible debater and one of the smartest people to ever attend Charles Page, Cole was at his best not when he was talking, but when he was listening. He sincerely cared about the welfare of others, more than even his own. Since 2005, Cole's family has administered the Cole Murdock Memorial Fund to honor Cole's commitment to others and to public education. Between 2005 and 2013, the Fund provided scholarships for 1 to 4 students to attend Cameron University's debate camp. Now, the Fund is directed to the Tulsa Debate League. The League partners with Cameron to send students in the League to the Cameron debate camp each year. In lieu of donations directly to the Cole Murdock Memorial Fund, Cole's mother, Dotti Murdock, has asked that donors give directly to the Tulsa Debate League.

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